How it started

The company JSC "Termosnaige" & Co. was founded in 1991. The company specializes in the production of thermally insulated facade panels, insulation of buildings, buildings as well as roofs with polyurethane foam. JSC "Termosnaige" & Co was the first company in Eastern Europe to start the production of thermal insulation panels from polyurethane foam, primarily for insulation and finishing of external walls according to the technology of the Canadian company Pem Thermo Brick INC.
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Section of the facade insulation panel

  1. Moisture resistant plywood or OSB 10mm
  2. Polyurethane insulation (PUR)
  3. Basalt gravel connections
  4. Finishing, facade stone (ceramic, clinker or natural stone * KL- thickness 7mm; KLN thickness 12mm)
* Natural stone availability and delivery times may be longer than normal delivery times.